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Munich Oktoberfest

The largest fair in the world

21 September to 06 October 2019

Be our guest in the Augustine marquee

Every year in September more than 6 million guests from all over the world visit the Munich Oktoberfest or the "Wies'n" as it is known in Munich.

Since 1810 the biggest fair in the world has taken place on the Theresienwiese in Munich. On the occasion of his marriage in October to Princess Therese Crown Prince Ludwig organised a major horse racing event for the citizens in front of Munich's city wall.
Ever since then this area has been called the Theresiewiese, or Therese's Meadow. The Bavarian royal court decided to repeat the fair, to the joy of the Munich citizens. And thus began the tradition of the Munich Oktoberfest.
The fair grew from year to year and became increasingly popular, all the more so as climbing frames, skittle alleys and swings were erected. Carnival prize stalls immediately attracted the poor citizens of the town since the prizes were objects in silver and porcelain.
By 1819 the Munich City Fathers had taken over the management of the fair and the Oktoberfest was celebrated with even more attractions each year.

It is difficult, even today, to say why people find this fair so fascinating.
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The annual procession in traditional costume is famous and unique; led by Münchener Kindl, 150 costume groups in historical costumes, gun clubs and flag bearers, bands and more than 40 coaches pulled by teams of horses in festively decked out harness process through the whole town.

Ten thousand guests and local people follow this spectacle live on the streets or on the television. The highlight and official start of the annual Oktoberfest is the entrance to the Wies'n and the opening of the Wies'n at 12.00 hours precisely by the Lord Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, with his “O’zapft is’!”

From now on the beer flows into the beer mugs for some 2 and a half weeks and guests from all over the world come into the marquees and enjoy our Munich beer.

A special beer is brewed by the Augustine Brewery just for the Oktoberfest: the Oktoberfest beer, which contains more original wort, is "stronger" and has a higher content in alcohol (6-7%).

The true Munich people go traditionally in costume and meet at midday to eat in the Augustine Marquee Beer Garden – “if it isn't quite closed".

Her we can give you a tip: Try our dish of the day - apart from weekends and public holidays - at a reasonable price. Or come with your whole family to the Oktoberfest Families Day!

You can obtain original Oktoberfest souvenirs such as the traditional Wies’nwirte beer mug and the Oktoberfest beer mug directly from the Wies'n Office in the Augustiner Marquee.

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