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Join us for a tour of the marquee!
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A view over the “Wies’n”

towards the south to the Bavarian Alps

The Augustiner Marquee -

living tradition!


- enjoy the rustic atmosphere in the marquee

Outside fabulous weather

- inside celebrate in the company of friends

Every year -

Rendezvous in the Box

In the afternoons there is the best music

- Bavarian - jovial - traditional

... join in and dance

The best atmosphere and a good mood with a beer mug of beer

A full house ...

the best atmosphere ...

Tradition ...

the best Augustiner Wies'n beer ...

and Bavarian delicacies to keep your strength up ...

that's what makes celebrating fun!

Pretty maids in their Dirndl skirts...

and young lads

are part of it ...

along with a Wies'n souvenir.

The whole marquee at your feet ...

helps to let you have a marvellous time -
a little off the beaten track.

The Augustiner Festival Hall - a lovely sight

A night-time stroll across the Wies'n

Augustiner Marquee Beer Garden

at night - a special pleasure

with the roller coaster in the background

... and the Bavaria statue watching over
the Wies'n

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